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Villanova and 2016's Dylan Painter have mutual interest

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The big man from Hershey, Pennsylvania is really getting interest from one of the schools he loved at young age and has been following his entire life.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is currently known as the birthplace of America's favorite chocolate bar. Pretty soon, though, when thinking of Hershey, people will think of the name Dylan Painter. Painter is a 6-foot-10 big man who has great size and has improved each year throughout his high school career so far, and also has been dominating the Elite Youth Basketball league for Team Final. The love for Villanova he has is huge because he has been following the team his entire life. Even though he does not live in the area, he is only two hours away from Philadelphia.

Painter is the type of player that can pass the ball from out of the post and knows where his teammates are on the court most of the time. Painter described it to Big East Coast Bias as having, "a great feel for his teammates".  Also, he can shoot the ball really well, which is important because the college game is essentially evolving into that where we see tall basketball players come out and extend the range of the shooting game. The perimeter game he has is really important because he can also take players off the dribble and control the post.

Painter is really tough for a good reason and its not being that he is two hours way from a where the Big 5 schools are located. Painter told Big East Coast Bias that his football experiences in football have allowed him to bang with bigger guys down on the low block.

During his junior year in high school, he averaged 18 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks, which is really impressive for him. His team lost some players, but they made it to the second round of the district playoffs before they lost. Some of the best moments he had included the first three games of the year his school won a two-game tournament. and he was named MVP. Painter said another great experience was, "After we did knocked off Susquehanna Township, who was the number 3 team in the state". He also had two triple doubles this season and hit a full court buzzer beater before going into halftime.

Painter described the play in full detail for Big East Coast Bias, "I got the rebound at the end of the half, turned around pump faked and took a dribble and 2 hand flung it from the opposite foul line". That is close to being 94 feet and is really cool.

Villanova has recently just started recruiting Painter and he talked to head coach Jay Wright on the phone. Villanova saw Painter during the high school season and in Hampton for the first session of AAU circuit and have been following him since then. Painter said from what he has heard, Wright is really a good coach and a good guy also. Villanova has the interest of the big man because he pays attention to the program really well and was excited about what they did in the regular season. He said it was unfortunate that they lost early in the tournament, because they were a favorite to make it to the Final Four. Painter really likes the Big East as a while because teams such as Villanova, Xavier, Butler, and Georgetown have made it deep in the tournament in the past.

The song that Painter listens to before each game is Blood by Kanye West and also he only wears one pair of shoes during the high school season, but he is really feeling the EYBL Kevin Durant shoes that they got. Painter told Big East Coast Bias that he wants to take a visit to Villanova really soon and it may be this month.