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BECB Big East Baseball Award Article 2015

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Welcome to the internet. Welcome to an awards article. Welcome to BECB.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "wow you guys over here at Big East Coast Bias are really cool and I'd love to get to know you better. Would you like to go on a date with me, perhaps open a bottle of merlot and speak freely about the feelings we have for each other?" To answer your candid thoughts: no. Yet to appeal to the youth of today we've decided that entertaining you with an award article would boost our ratings and potentially get us to the 2015 Blogosphere Regionals in Knoxville, TN - home of the Sunsphere and the world's fair!

Now you're thinking, "wow I should visit Knoxville soon!" Don't get too ahead of yourself now, you've still got this fantastic article to read first. We've decided to split this into a few various categories. The first award we're going to deal with brings the entire Big East together. We call this:

First Team All-Name

These are the finest names you'll lay your eyes on all year. These names may appear to just be names, but I assure you that the naming of these names to a list of names will be the best list of names to come out of the Big East since 1984. Max Beerman is our spirit animal. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Beerman for giving us such a wonderful name. Here's this year's list:

1B - Max Beerman - Villanova

2B - Chris Chiaradio - Seton Hall

SS - Curtiss Pomeroy - Georgetown

3B - Robbie Knightes - St. John's

C - Tony Fava - St. John's

OF - Tony Brocato - St. John's

OF - Blaine Griffiths - Xavier

OF - Gehrig Parker - Butler

DH - BJ Bochiccio - Villanova

P - Rollie Lacy - Creighton

P - Woody Bryson - Villanova

P - River Pitlock - Butler

P - Quincy Quintero - Butler

Individual of Authority - Scott Klever - Xavier

Next, we'll deal with the game of baseball. Did you know baseball was a sport? Oh, you didn't? I'm sorry. Here's a link to the rules of baseball. Ok, now that you're all caught up I wanted to let you know that baseball is a game played in front of people -- human beings just like you and me. Some baseball teams play in front of lots of people. Some baseball teams play in front of people dressed as bleachers. Here's an award we call:

BECB's 'At least you tried'

Xavier ranked last in the Big East in total attendance with a whopping 3,484 individuals walking through the turnstiles at J. Page Hayden Field. To compare, Central Connecticut State pulled in almost 200 more fans this year than Xavier. Xavier also finished dead last in the Big East, after winning the whole damn thing last year. I thought the New York Mets were the only organized baseball squad to be able to pull that off. Xavier ranked 251st in the country in batting average, 257th in on base percentage, 248th in scoring and 174th in ERA. Mind you, these were the reigning champions of the Big East.

On a brighter note, Xavier did pretty good in these categories:

Consistently losing to superior teams.

Having a player named Blaine Griffiths.

That's it. They did rank 69th in stolen bases per game, which is both sexy and illegal in some states.

Better luck next year, Musketeers.

Next, we move on to an award we'd like to call:

Most Improbable Win

On February 28th, 2015 the Xavier Musketeers faced off against pre-season ACC favorite Louisville in a tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. Riding a 3-4 record into the 3-game series, the former Big East champion faced Louisville ace and potential POTY Kyle Funkhouser - a pitcher who held a 1.94 ERA through 120 innings with 122 strikeouts in 2014 - and beat him. Brad Kirschner, arguably one of the better pitchers in the Big East, shut down the Cards with relative ease.

The Musketeers were able to get three runners on in the 3rd but were unable to cash in. Louisville turned it around in the bottom half and collected two hits, yet were also unable to score. The teams traded hits without any scoring for four more innings when Xavier nickle and dimed their way on base. A few lucky rolls and a Louisville error allowed the Musketeers to take a 2-0 lead into the bottom half of the 7th. Louisville got a runner on off a walk by Kirschner, who was subsequently pulled for Zac Lowther. With a runner on, Lowther was able to quell the threat with an inning-ending double play.

Funkhouser was pulled in the top half for Drew Harrington who proceeded to shut down the Musketeers. Bottom 8, down 2-1, the Cards began to rally. Scoring a run off of an RBI single, the rally was shut down on a lineout to thirdbase. A one-two-three 9th sent the Musketeers to the bottom of the 9th, up one, with Jacob Bodner sent out to collect the save. He didn't disappoint, hitting the first batter - who was then pulled for a pinch runner who was promptly thrown out on an attempted steal - then proceeded to walk the next batter, who ended up getting caught on the basepaths on a strike-em-out throw-em-out to end the game.

Set. Match. Musketeers.

Xavier ended up losing the series, and the season, going 15-38 and ending the season with a 231 RPI. Louisville, on the other hand, went 42-15 and won an astounding 25 games in the loaded ACC. They're primed to collect a National Seed and host throughout the NCAA tournament. Their season continues in the ACC tournament, while Xavier will be sitting at their respective homes, probably crying into a pillow or punching their reflections in various mirrors.