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Big East Baseball - Update

The drama is building as Seton Hall staves off Georgetown and Butler pushes past Xavier. Nova lost, solidifying a 3-team tie for the final slot to Omaha.

Alex Sindelar

This is what we've all been lusting over since the beginning of the baseball season; a dramatic finish to gain the single bid to the NCAA tournament. As of now, the Big East standings look like this:

1. St. John's 14-3

2. Creighton 11-4

3. Seton Hall 8-8

4. Georgetown 7-9

4. Villanova 7-9

4. Butler 7-9

7. Xavier 2-14 (thank you, Musketeers)

Wondering what happened last night to shake the rankings up like this? Oh boy are you in for a treat.

Butler defeats Xavier 10-3

Butler.............. 024 102 010 - 10 12 0
Xavier............. 002 000 010 - 3 7 1

Butler demolished Xavier. No surprise, Jeff Schank was on the hill for the Bulldogs. Delectable! Amazing! Butler at 7-9!

Creighton defeats Villanova 13-5

Villanova........... 002 300 000 -  5  9  1
Creighton.......... 412 005 01X - 13 15  0

Ryan Fitzgerald hit for the cycle. Villanova's pitching was horrendous, offering up a litany of meatballs for the Jays to destroy. Cool, Villanova now must play two must-win games!

Seton Hall defeats Georgetown 2-1

Georgetown........ 000 000 100 -  1  5  0
Seton Hall.......... 000 000 101 -  2  7  2

Hollenbeck and McCarthy went at it in a pitcher's duel, both surrendering just a single run over 6 innings. What's more amazing is that Seton Hall was finally able to wake up from their month-long slump and scratch their way to a walk-off win against Georgetown. Today brings a double-header betwixt these two squads, much to the delight of all of us. Can you feel it? The tension? The passion? It's streaming out of my pores like play-doh through a spaghetti strainer.

St. John's defeats Southern Illinois 9-2

Who cares? They're already the top seed.

Let's play a game here. Four different scenarios, four different outcomes.

Scenario A:

Creighton defeats Villanova, Seton Hall defeats Georgetown, Butler defeats Xavier

Seton Hall 9-8/ Butler 8-9/ Villanova 7-10/ Georgetown 7-10

This would illicit the early favorite to advance to Omaha, the top offensive team in the driver's seat against a terrible Xavier team, and the two basketball powers left out. That's not fun.

Scenario B:

Villanova defeats Creighton, Georgetown defeats Seton Hall, Butler defeats Xavier

Seton Hall 8-9/ Butler 8-9/ Villanova 8-9/ Georgetown 8-9

Ah the madness of it all! If this scenario becomes a reality, God save us all. The entire tournament bracket would hinge on Saturday's games (except Seton Hall-Georgetown & Creighton-Villanova, which will be doubleheaders today). So much drama you'd think you were watching Law & Order.

Scenario C:

Villanova defeats Creighton, Seton Hall defeats Georgetown, Butler defeats Xavier

Seton Hall 9-8/ Butler 8-9/ Villanova 8-9/ Georgetown 7-10

This is a safe scenario, at least for the Butler bulldogs. They'd absolutely love going into a tie-breaker game with Xavier waiting to be upended on the diamond.

Scenario D:

Every member school dismantles the baseball program to create one super-team jam-packed with the top talent of the Big East. Representing the entire conference (literally) in the NCAA tournament, the Big East team would be sent down to Baton Rouge to face LSU in the regional round. Completely picking apart the competition in the regional round, the Big East Superteam moves on to the Super regional, where they send so many dingers over the fence of some ACC/SEC team that the gravitational pull of the earth begins to shift, destroying the atmosphere and leaving all life on earth without oxygen.

As the Big East Superteam is an immortal being, they're invited to play in the Milky Way Galaxy Series against the top competition in said galaxy. They'd lose, unfortunately, in the championship game, because Jeff Schank's arm would fall off after pitching 2,785 innings straight. It's an unfortunate end to Jeff's career, but he'll find his space wife and raise a bunch of space children. Wonderful.