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What can Georgetown expect from 2015 recruits Jessie Govan and Marcus Derrickson

It's never too early to start looking at 2015 recruits.

Georgetown has a talented recruiting class coming in this year, but will it be good as last year? Last year, it seemed that every incoming freshman had an impact of some sort. This year, Jessie Govan and Marcus Derrickson highlight the Hoyas' recruiting class. Georgetown made these two players prime targets when they were recruiting them because they knew Joshua Smith would be a departing senior, but also the Big East has talented big men coming in as freshmen.

In Govan's final game at Wings Academy, he finished the game with 20 points and nine rebounds, but to score those points, he used an variety of moves. That is what Georgetown will need when he steps on campus, Govan looks to be more muscular and toned up because he is running the floor really well and seems to have increased his athletic ability to run with the guards. Georgetown will need all of that because if he plays the four or the five, he will have an advantage against other big men if he is able to do that on a consistent basis.

While I see similarities between Govan and Isaac Copeland because they both run the floor well and even though Isaac does not play the four, he is at that position because he takes advantage of the match-ups that are presented to him. Govan is good without having the basketball always in his hands, because he can create for guards due to his size. With him on the block, it will be interesting to see how his jumper will develop so he can step out a little more to make those 15 feet and under jump-shots because it will help the offense more.

Marcus Derrickson, the other big name coming in, will be able to do a lot because he has lost so much weight and eating right constantly since he has transferred from Paul The Sixth in Fairfax, Virginia to the famed Brewster Academy. The staff at the school has really emphasized him getting in shape because he is already a good basketball player with his skill-set that he has. Watching Derrickson over the course of his junior year and talking to people at Brewster, he has really been able to move well on the block because of him losing weight.

Derrickson's jump-shot has always been there, but the question is can it be consistent on a daily basis. Derrickson can step out and knock down from the perimeter. Copeland started to develop that at Georgetown and became more confident that he can make the shot. We are currently seeing the offense of Georgetown change because they are getting big men that can step out and shoot, while also body in the paint and prepare for the toughness of the conference.

Expect to see one of the best dynamic duos of big men soon in the conference because they have the ability to if they continue to improve each and everyday. The ceiling is high and they will both contribute off the bench if they do not start as soon as they step on campus.