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Georgetown Hoyas commit Jessie Govan talks at Capital Classic

The big man discussed a variety of things with Big East Coast Bias after the game, including his thoughts on the much-anticipated matchup with Maryland

Jon Lopez/Nike

This past weekend, Jessie Govan, a Georgetown Hoyas commit in the Class of 2015, played in the 42nd annual Capital Classic in Washington, D.C. at Catholic University.

Govan will eventually get used to being around in the D.C area once he arrives to Georgetown, but the youngster got his first taste of what's to come in the near future. A lot of Hoyas fan came out and supported the 6-foot-10, 250-pound 17-year old. He wasn't looking to do anything special; he just wanted to come out and have fun with the team that he was on.

And that's how it went down. Govan did not do anything spectacular, but he did show some extended range that he has been working on throughout his senior season.

"I played pretty well," said the Hoyas signee. "It's an All-Star Game, so I just wanted to come out here and have fun because I have played with some these guys."

The big man from Wings Academy (NY) was having a lot of fun, getting his teammates excited and supporting them so that they could win this game. Govan looks better than since the last time I saw him from an athletic standpoint, and he has been improving his game in multiple ways.

"Getting stronger, faster and more athletic," Govan said of his improvements. "I worked on that during the season and we won the state championship."

He seems more confident in the mid-range area because he is not forcing his shot attempts. It just comes to him naturally, and that will be needed in the offense that Georgetown runs. He will be able to bring a defender out of their normal defensive position with his versatility. Also, perhaps unaware to most, he does have some excellent ball-handling skills. On various occasions through the game, these were put on display, and if head coach John Thompson III allows him to that during the season, then the No. 3 recruit from The Empire State in his class could provide a lot of fun.

While speaking to him, Govan seemed to know of his expectations.

"Well, on offense, the big man has to be able to make moves both on the low-post and the mid-range, and I will have to be able to do both because coach (John Thompson III) expects it out of me every game. And I want to make sure I can have an immediate impact as a freshman."

One thing that excites Govan is that he will be part of the much-anticipated encounter with fellow DMV resident Maryland as part of the 2015 Gavitt Games. He talked about how fun will that be when he comes on campus and is really excited for it.

"It is going to be a real fun matchup, because they got Diamond Stone coming in and it is always a fun and intense battle when we play against each other, so I am looking forward to that", Govan said excitedly.

Govan sees the team being better than what they were last year, in which the Hoyas were thrusted away from the Round of 32 by the Utah Utes of the Pac-12 Conference, because they got D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera back and the tremendous sophomores who are back as well.

Also, he believes this freshman class will make an impact on the game in a good way, just like Paul White, Isaac Copeland, L.J. Peak, et al did last season.

One thing's for certain: coinciding with his excitement, Jessie Govan is ready for the next level.