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ESPN: Rules Committee likely to approve 30-second shot clock

Andy Katz talked to committee member Rick Byrd about potential changes.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The 35-second shot clock in college basketball may be on it's way out, according to's Andy Katz. Katz sat down with committee member, and Belmont head coach, Rick Byrd.

In addition to the shot clock going from 35 seconds to 30, the committee has also discussed a couple other things to improve the game.

  • Shot clock violations may become replay-reviewable. Although no one wants more replay in the sport, if it's there it may as well be used.
  • The block/charge line may be moved from three feet to four feet to match the NBA
  • There is also talk about discussing the timeout rule, and adopting the women's basketball rule that when a timeout is called within 30 seconds of the media timeout, it becomes the media timeout.
Byrd added the following when discussing timeouts, "You can't have the last few minutes [of a game] take 20 minutes. It doesn't bother coaches, but it bothers those watching at home and in the arena. We need to try to get these games in 2-hour windows"

The committee meets May 12-15 in Indianapolis. Rules can be changed every odd year, so if the shot clock isn't changed this year, it would remain 35 seconds until 2017.