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Should Paul Pierce punch Otto Porter? A comprehensive study

Paul Pierce had a suggestion on how to get Otto Porter riled up and it was a violent way

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When the Washington Wizards signed future hall of famer Paul Pierce, it was to bring a little bit of fire to the team, but also some veteran leadership to teach this team how to win a championship. Paul Pierce has the skill-set to help a team win at his age, but he also has the mentality that some players on that team do not have. Paul Piece talked about the talent that Otto Porter has, but also noted that he lacks aggression. Pierce expressed his thoughts about Porter in this piece and how he does not get it,

"Otto is another one who just doesn't understand how good he is,'' Pierce said. "He can shoot, he's a slasher, he can defend, I'm just not sure how badly he wants it every day.

"That kid just needs to get mad. If he came to practice ticked off and to the games ticked off, he'd be fine. But it's hard to get Otto mad. I should punch him one day just to get him riled up.''

Former Hoya Otto Porter may need to get punched in the face so we can see the aggressiveness that many Georgetown fans have seen. Is it that, or does he just need the minutes to develop his game? Granted, Paul Pierce was probably just joking around and seeing how Otto would respond to it, but what If we got John Thompson Jr to yell at Otto one day and use some words that I can not type. Someone on the team should take his goggles and see how he plays without them. Something will happen sooner or later and we will see the new and revived Otto Porter. As for now, we will just need to sit and wait and wait.