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Big East targets impress at EYBL session 1

After a day full of hoops, and many Big East targets playing in the EYBL, some new names are emerging on the scene at the start of the recruiting live period, which started on Friday at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, it was a wide spread of talent that holds an offer from one or more Big East teams. Below are just a couple names of who I saw and what I liked about them

2017 Jordan Tucker was really good on offense and was really efficient on that side of the ball. He was 4-for-5 in the first game that he played, and made some big shots for his team to get the win. On defense is where he made his mark and altered some shots on that side. Tucker's length really helped him, and he stayed on the floor for a long time because he knows if he plays hard on defense, he will be more effective because it will translate to offense. One thing that Tucker wants to do is play aggressive when he gets the ball because that will just elevate his game. Tucker holds Big East offers from Villanova, Providence and St John's, who offered him on April 3. Tucker believes that new Red Storm head coach Chris Mullin will change the program around because he played there and was in the NBA, so he knows how to get players ready for the next level. Tucker also wants to visit Arizona, Maryland, and North Carolina,

2016 Rodney Miller was really active on the defensive end and was running the floor really well as a center. On offense he is okay, but can be better. Being down on the block, he was rushing shots and if he did not rush those shots, he would have scored a lot. The one thing that caught my attention is how much he crashes the boards and boxes out. When he crashes the boards on both sides of the ball, he is most likely to get the rebound if a body is not affecting him.  Miller is always looking to block or alter shots, so the offensive player will not score. The one thing that he likes about Georgetown is the way they run the offense.

2016 Asante Gist played really well on offense and likes his body strength. Gist can play really good defense and is smart with the ball when he runs the offense. Gist is an physical type of guard that likes to go after rebounds and then push the ball, which is something he did often. When running the point, he can succeed in an slow-tempo game. Seton Hall has offered him, but did not get a chance to speak to him today.

2016 Villanova commit Omari Spellman looked really good on the offensive end because the one thing that he has done in the past year is lose 26 pounds. He looks much slimmer, but toned up a lot. Omari was shooting the ball from the perimeter and making it, which is good. When asked about how is he feeling good about that shot, he said that he was always comfortable. Spellman was doing work inside because he has had problems with that in the past, which is weird, but he can score a variety of ways. Under his jersey was a Villanova shirt and he was asked why he committed to Villanova, he said "Jay Wright is amazing". Spellman is like a JayVaughn Pinkston, Daniel Ochefu, and Kris Jenkins all in one in my opinion, minus the shot blocking.