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2015 NCAA Tournament: 10 Things to Watch - Round of 32

A night of misery on the hardwood let the boys from the Big East appear in the darkest of forms. We lost Archie and the Hill, Smith and Smith-Rivera, Barlow and Co. Only the X-Men can save us now.

Save us X-Man, you're our only hope
Save us X-Man, you're our only hope
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

DAY TWO of the ROUND of 32

10 Things to Watch

1. (2) Virginia vs (7) Michigan State - 12:10pm EST - CBS

Sword fighting aficionados will absolutely love this matchup. We've got steel on steel here between the Cavaliers and Spartans, which should closely resemble how this game will play out. I know a lot of people are talking about how good the ACC is because they haven't lost yet in the tourney, but may I remind you that the Big East is and always will be the greatest college basketball conference in America. You do know what blog you're reading, right?

2. (1) Duke vs (8) San Diego State University - 2:40pm EST - CBS

Unless this is your first year paying attention to the magnificent madness that is the NCAA D-1 basketball tournament, you know that Duke hasn't been all that lucky in the first few rounds of the bracket as of late. San Diego State plays a heart-racing style of basketball. Duke has the greatest basketball coach our sports brains have ever processed. I'd like to go out on a limb here and say that this sports match will be either full of excitement until the final seconds or the Blue Devils get a 90 point lead by the first media timeout. Which is more likely? Well, gosh, I suppose that's for you to decide! Watch this game!

3. (2) Kansas vs (7) Wichita State - 5:15pm EST - CBS

Apparently this is a big game for the state of Kansas. Sam Brownback, the Governor of Kansas who made severe budget cuts to education, has made clear that this is the penultimate moment of his life. Calling the state of Kansas the cradle of basketball is accurate but I guarantee there's a few folks in the Northeast and the terrible state of Indiana that would disagree. These two teams very rarely meet, apparently because Kansas coach Bill Self refuses to schedule the Shockers to protect against fist fights and car fires. If you aren't watching this game I just hope you're doing something more important. Here's a list of things that are allowed to divide your attention away from this game:

  • The birth of your first born child
  • A volcano is erupting and you must flee to safer ground
  • You met the ghost of John Wooden and he's reading The Odyssey to you
  • A murder of crows harassing your family

4. (3) Oklahoma vs (11) Dayton - 6:10pm EST - TNT

I feel bad for Oklahoma having to play in Columbus tonight. Everyone and their brother from the nearby town of Dayton will be there, yelling at the top of their lungs and imbibing in various spirits. If the Sooners can keep their cool then they have a pretty good shot at making the Sweet 16. However, this is Dayton's third game in less than a week so fatigue may be a factor against a pretty physical Oklahoma team. Does the magic run out for the Flyers? Find out tonight on TNT!

5. (2) Gonzaga vs (7) Iowa - 7:10pm EST - TBS

As Dayton gets home court advantage, so does Gonzaga. Sort of. Spokane is about a 4 hour drive from Seattle while Dayton is an hour east outside of Columbus. Isn't that insane? Good job, NCAA. The game between the Zags and the Hawkeyes will be quite entertaining, even popcorn worthy, as Iowa has big tall guys that can shoot from a lot of different spots while Gonzaga boasts a similar resume of tall guys that can shoot from anywhere on the hardwood. Also, Kevin Pangos can shoot really, really well. Tune in tonight on TBS!

6. (1) Wisconsin vs (8) Oregon - 7:45pm EST - TruTV

Dana Altman spent quite a bit of time in Omaha coaching the Creighton Bluejays. Now he's back, coaching the neon yellow Fightin' Ducks. This time, it's different. The Ducks will try to quack their way into the Sweet 16 against the Mighty Badgers from Madison. Will Frank Kaminsky be able to score more points than Big Gun Joe Young? Find out tonight on the newly revitalized TruTV!

7. (4) Maryland vs (5) West Virginia - 8:40pm EST - TNT

The NCAA probably salivated heavily when this potential matchup landed on their ivory desks. If I recall my 5th grade geography lesson, Maryland and West Virginia border one another on a map of the continental United States. That means that there's probably bad blood betwixt these two schools. That means there could potentially be fisticuffs in this one, especially if West Virginia coach Bobby Huggins gets a little heated. This is definitely one to watch and you can find it on TNT, where they know drama.

8. (4) Louisville vs (5) Northern Iowa - 9:40pm EST - TBS

I enjoy UNI basketball coach Ben Jacobsen. I enjoy him because his basketball teams are purely cyclical. Whenever the Panthers make the tournament they've got a squad full of Seniors who absolutely decimate teams down low, but for the three years previous the Panthers are not so good. Montrezl Harrell will have his hands full with the UNI big men tonight, and I honestly believe that all of us here on the internet are rooting against Rick Pitino. He has enough trophies and rings as it is, so why not let UNI get this one? Tune in to TBS tonight to observe the nightcap before we have to wait a week until basketball happens again.

9. Nature

I'm still pretty sad from all those losses last night. Are you? It's OK, we still have baseball! Plus the weather is getting nice. No need to be sad indoors, why not be sad outside? Let the sun dance on your skin and dry those tears. Xavier is our nurturing hoop mother right now, let us embrace them and welcome them into our hearts. Perhaps a game of catch with pops can cure the sadness? A nice bike ride around town? Maybe a round of golf with your buds? Just go outside and watch as the death of winter gets beaten down by the growth of spring.

10. Happy, Uplifting things

I suggest cat videos or maybe start re-watching 'Parks & Rec' on Netflix. Anything to cheer you up. Maybe watch some old episodes of 'Cheap Seats' on YouTbe? I'd advise you to stay away from ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends during this time. The wounds are too fresh and allowing old wounds to be reopened is not a responsible way of coping with loss. Watch The Big Lebowski. Read some Vonnegut or some Bradbury. Just... just cheer up. I hate seeing you like this.