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NCAA Tournament 2015: Butler vs. Notre Dame Halftime Notes

At the end of the first half, Notre Dame leads Butler by a score of 31-29.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

  • The start of this half was defensive heavy by both teams, towards the five minute mark both the Bulldogs and Irish began making more moves on offensive.
  • So far Butler has been playing a very tight rotation as Chris Holtmann has only gone to his bench once during the half, compared to Notre Dame who have been getting assistance from the bench, most notably from from VJ Beachem who has 4 points on the evening.
  • Majority if not all of Butler's points this half have come in the interior of the floor as they have not gone to the 3 ball really at all this half. They are 0 for 3 from beyond the 3 point line.
  • Notre Dame has been solid from the foul line so far going 8 for 8 in the first half.
  • Roosevelt Jones woke up towards the end of the first half for Butler, going 5 for 8 shooting and 5 for 5 from the foul line good for a team and game leading 15 points. In one stretch alone Jones scored 9 of Butler's 11 points and helped the Bulldogs overcome a 10 point deficit, his success this game is what can lead the Bulldogs in the second half.
  • Steve Vasturias is currently the leading scorers for Notre Dame as both are tied with 11 points.
  • Pat Connaughton has been fairly quiet this half for the Fighting Irish with no points on 0 for 3 shooting.
  • Notre Dame is winning the battle on the boards with 16 rebounds and 5 blocks compared to Butler's 14 rebounds and 2 blocks.
  • As a team Butler is shooting 41% from all areas of the floor, 0% from 3 range, and 100% from the foul line. Certainly an interesting night on offense for the Bulldogs.
  • Notre Dame is shooting 41% from all areas of the floor, 33% from 3 range, and 83% from the foul line.
Enjoy the second half!