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Big East Tournament: Xavier vs. Georgetown Halftime Notes

At the end of the first half, Xavier leads Georgetown by a score 35 to 26, thanks in part to the play of Matt Stainbrook so far.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

  • Interesting seeing JP Macura getting serious minutes early on in the first half, while he does add a shooting presence for Xavier, he does leave the Musketeers slightly exposed on defense, especially in the backcourt area.  So far in the game, Macura has 8 points for X.
  • Joshua Smith's match up with Matt Stainbrook underneath the basket has been interesting to watch so far, be are impenetrable to the other, though Stainbrook is one of Xavier's leading scorers this game with 14 points and Smith has been the leading producer for Georgetown even with lesser minutes on the floor. Smith so far has 10 points on the evening.
  • Xavier has been winning the battle on the glass so far, out rebounding Georgetown 15 to 8, with Stainbrook anchoring the rebound effort for the Musketeers. Though it has been an all for one, one for all effort on the boards for Xavier.
  • DaVauntes Smith-Rivera has so far has a quiet game with only 2 points on the evening and 1 for 5 shooting. Far from the pacing he was on last time out for the Hoyas yesterday, though there is still another half of basketball left for DSR to turn it on. Also notable, Mikael Hopkins has had trouble finding a seem to reach his teammates on offense.
  • Team stat line for this game, has been Xavier shooting 50% from all areas of the floor, 50% from the beyond three point line, and 71% from the foul line.  Georgetown is shooting 46% from all areas of the floor, 14% from beyond the three point line, and 100% from the foul line so far.
Enjoy the second half!