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Sterling Gibbs returning for senior season

The embattled point guard is set to stay in South Orange for the 2015-16 season.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Seton Hall's dilapidated effort in the opener of the Big East Tournament, in which they were at the receiving end of a 78-56 roundhouse kick by the Marquette Golden Eagles, some good news is being delivered.

Seton Hall Pirates point guard Sterling Gibbs told SNY's Adam Zagoria that he would be returning to South Orange for his senior season.

"Oh no, I'm definitely coming back. I'm at Seton Hall and that's where I'm going to be. That's where I'm going to finish it out."

Before things unfortunately fell apart for the Pirates, Gibbs was in the running for Big East Player of the Year and was one of the main reasons that they were performing so well. A few missteps later, and The Hall is now on the outside looking in of the NCAA Tournament and likely the NIT as well.

With Gibbs returning next year, we shall see if he and Seton Hall can redeem themselves from a disappointing campaign.