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Seton Hall vs. DePaul: Halftime Notes

What factors have led to DePaul's 35-33 halftime lead?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


  • DePaul had a lead of seven with around fifteen and a half minutes to go, but a string of poor shooting, one that has seemingly been contagious thus far, hit the Blue Demons.  After that point, the Pirates managed to work their way back into this one.
  • Remember that slump I just talked about?  Well, DePaul managed to really shoot their way out of that.  After putting forth something that had the makings of a low-scoring affair in the first half, the Blue Demons managed to pull together a string of baskets that they traded with Seton Hall, pushing their shooting percentage to 48.5.
  • Jamee Crockett is putting up the big numbers tonight, scoring twelve points in a first half that has seen relatively even scoring across the board.  He's doing so due to his 6/9 shooting from the field.  His three assists are another added bonus of his first half play.
  • 1/11 from behind the arc.  Need I say more?

Seton Hall

  • In a night full of less-than-average performances from players on both sides of the court, Sterling Gibbs has been one of the few constants.  He has been reliable in the first half, doing an excellent job of scoring when his team seemed to need someone to take charge.  He finished with nine points, and he certainly hasn't begun to stop.
  • The Pirates have been hanging with the Blue Demons in the turnover department, something many teams haven't been quite able to do.  Both teams have five turnovers so far, with each team stealing the ball four times.  This has been an awesome backcourt battle to watch.
  • Isaiah Whitehead has essentially been a non-factor in this half, as he has only converted one of his five shots, including a dismal 0/4 mark from three point land.  DePaul is certainly loving his inability to produce anything offensively, much to the chagrin of Seton Hall.