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No. 6 Villanova vs. Xavier: Halftime Notes

Xavier leads Villanova 40-33 at the break. Here are some observations from the first half.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Halftime notes as the Musketeers lead the Wildcats 40-33 at the break.

-Oh hey, Dylan Ennis, nice to see you again. He's been easily Villanova's most up and down player this season when it comes to offense, and it's been all up so far today. After scoring 0 points in the win over Providence, Ennis already has 12 so far in this half, and he's been dynamite from 3-point range as well. Look for him to keep launching up the shots in the second half to take some pressure off of Darrun Hilliard, among others.

-Once again, in a season where it seems like foul shots have been happening at a maddening pace, relatively low amount of fouls so far in this one. In the first half, the teams only combined for seven personal fouls, and it's been an extremely clean game in that regard. As we know though, there's a slim chance of this keeping up, look for the fouls to accumulate heavily in the second half.

-The threes have been chucked up at an alarming rate. Already there have been 29 3-pointers attempted in this one, and it doesn't seem like it will stop anytime soon. For Nova, the guy who needs to get going from out there is Darrun Hilliard, who has yet to hit on four attempts. The 'Cats don't win this game if he continues to struggle from long-range.

-Good ball movement so far by both teams, resulting in a multitude of early assists. 22 combined assists for both teams, resulting in a relatively high scoring half. I'm a big fan of offensive explosions, so I'm all for the high assist numbers to stick in the second half as well.