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Xavier Vs. St John's: Halftime Notes

The Red Storm leads Xavier by eight at the half in New York.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

St. John's

  • Keep up the pressure defense until Xavier can prove they have a way to beat it.  They are stifling the Muskies and it is quite impressive.
  • Keep hitting the hot hand AKA Pointer, he is averaging 20+ points in his last handful of games and he already has 13 points in this contest
  • Keep trying to block everything Xavier brings into the lane until they prove they can either draw fouls or they can make baskets through contact (refs letting the boys play)


  • Work through Stainbrook!  He is the only player making smart choices in a black uniform thus far.
  • Keep moving the ball.  The only way to beat St Johns' pressure is through association.
  • Try to get someone going.  The offensive prowess of Bluiett/M. Davis can go a long way.