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Big East Bracketology Update (2/23): CBS, ESPN still both project six Big East teams

There have been a couple tweaks since last week, though.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday, and, as always, that means a fresh set of Bracketology from our friends at ESPN and CBS. Below are the breakdowns of where ESPN's Joe Lunardi and CBS's Jerry Palm have each of the seven Big East teams they both have projected in the NCAA Tournament. Parentheses indicate change from last week.


2-Seed: Villanova

6-Seed: Providence, Butler (-1)

7-Seed: Georgetown (-1)

9-Seed: Xavier

10-Seed: St. John's (+2)


2-Seed: Villanova

5-Seed: Butler (-1)

6-Seed: Providence, Georgetown (+1)

8-Seed: St. John's

10-Seed: Xavier (ON THE BUBBLE) (+1)