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Seton Hall vs. Providence: Halftime Notes

Providence leads Seton Hall 32-25 at the half. Here is what happened in the first half at The Dunk.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Seton Hall was able to hang in the first half against Providence. Stephane Manga got the start in the first game without Jaren Sina being with the program. He had his moments and even completed a basket along with two free throws earlier in the half. Manga had four points and will look to make a bigger impact as this game and the season goes along.

One of the problems for The Hall in the half was rebounding as the Friars were able to get second chance opportunities. Providence outrebounded Seton Hall 23-15 and that has to improve for The Hall to get back into the game.

Isaiah Whitehead made his impact in the first half as he had six points, two rebounds and an assist. If Whitehead can get others involved it will really help to get the Pirates back into the game. Sterling Gibbs had five points and hit the only three pointer for Seton Hall in the half.

For Providence, LaDantae Henton led the way with 13 points and four rebounds. Point guard Kris Dunn was great as well with six points and already has six assists. The Friars look to continue to get second chance opportunities and hurt the Pirates on the boards.

It has been a turnover fest so far as The Hall have committed nine turnovers and Providence has eight already after the first 20 minutes.

Seton Hall will have to improve their overall defense and their shooting as the Pirates made only seven of their 23 attempts from the field. Providence needs to hold on to the basketball and get the ball to Henton.

It should be a fun end to this one. Enjoy the second half everyone!