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Georgetown vs. Seton Hall: Halftime Notes

Georgetown leads Seton Hall 43-38 at the half. Here is what went down in the opening period at The Rock.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman Isaiah Whitehead made his first start since Dec. 21st as Jaren Sina, despite running the offense, was relegated to the bench in this one.

Georgetown began the half on a 27-7 run as they had the hot hand from three point land. The Pirates, meanwhile, turned the ball over three times on their first three possessions. The Pirates looks disinterested at times on the defensive end as the crowd at Prudential Center started to get restless.

Three Hoyas find themselves in foul trouble as Joshua Smith and Mikael Hopkins each have three fouls in addition to the two fouls the Jabril Trawick collected. Those could play a role in the second half.

Seton Hall would answer with a 22-6 run as players like Sterling Gibbs and Jaren Sina were able to hit three pointers. Whitehead and Angel Delgado were able big with shots in addition to putting together second chance opportunities.

Both teams got into it at times as Gibbs picked up a technical foul and Whitehead and Delgado both were hit in the throat during the first half.

Pirates had 10 turnovers in the first half and the Hoyas scored on all, but one of those on the other end. They will look to continue that in the second half.

Impact Players

Georgetown: Jabril Trawick, despite picking up two fouls, led the Hoyas with 10 points and was able to drive through the paint at will early in the half.

Seton Hall: Angel Delgado had a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds in the first half as he helped to keep the Pirates in it almost by himself.

Enjoy the second half everyone!