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Boston College vs. Providence recap: Friars win, Bentil and Dunn miss second half

Providence improved to 9-1 with the victory.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes in the world of sports, you get a case of irony that is so severe, you can't help but to laugh about it.

After news came out Monday that eight Boston College players possibly developed E. Coli from eating at Chipotle, there was a lot of speculation on if Wednesday's game against Providence would even happen.

The game did end up happening, with Providence winning 66-51 , but Ryan Fazekas didn't play in the game, and Kris Dunn didn't play in the second half.

The reason? Both had the flu. How's that for irony?

Providence was also dealt a blow with two minutes left in the first half when Ben Bentil appeared to roll his ankle. Bentil left the game with 16 points and eight rebounds, and didn't return. We will be sure to provide an update on Bentil's condition when one is provided.

All in all, the majority of this game was ugly. You could tell Boston College's players had been ill earlier in the week, and Providence was unable to get much going on the offensive end in the second half with Dunn, Fazekas, and Bentil all out. It was still nice to see Providence overcome adversity and win by 15 points without their two offensive leaders.

Rodney Bullock was able to take control as the second half progressed, finishing as the leading scorer for the Friars. Bullock had 17 points with 15 coming in the second half.

On the Boston College side, graduate transfer Eli Carter led the way with 15 points on 5-18 shooting.

The Friars improve to 9-1, their best start under Ed Cooley. They'll play the Bryant Bulldogs on Saturday afternoon before having a week-long break for final exams. That week off could be incredibly beneficial for Ben Bentil, but we will wait and see what Ed Cooley has to say about his injury in the postgame press conference.