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Halftime Notes: Nebraska 30 - Creighton 36

Nebraska hasn't won one of these contests in a while.

Lookin' sharp!
Lookin' sharp!
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

OK so I had to run 3 blocks to get to the arena in time to tweet and write or whatever. I got here during the national anthem and settled into a nice cozy booth from up high. I got pretty sweaty (it was about 55 degrees as I sprinted for the first time in months) and am pretty uncomfortable.

Oh, right, basketball. Well, the Jays got out to a pretty sizeable lead to begin the first half, getting a 14-point lead and allowed Nebraska to nit and pick at it as the half wore on. Here's some things I noted:

- Alright, seriously, Creighton has gotta get to work shooting free throws.

- Nebraska's non-transition offense is pretty poor, which seems to have been the bane of Tim Miles' tenure thus far.

- Speaking of Tim Miles, he got a technical foul for being a potty mouth or something.

- Khyri Thomas's dunk can be seen below

- Lots of fouls for both squads, granted it's definitely warranted. Creighton is out for blood, Nebraska is just trying to catch up. The mixture of the two leads to lotsa whistles.

- Nebraska's defense is actually not too bad, but I think last year's team was a little bit better. Petteway is/was a much better defender than Andrew White III.

- This is my first game sitting in the press box after spending the first half of the season courtside. I see lots of balding heads in the crowd. Hello balding heads! I hope the follicles come back someday!

Creighton leaders:

Scoring: Zierden - 11pts (4-6FG - 1-3 3FG)

Rebounds: Zierden - 5

Assists: Thomas - 5 !!

Nebraska leaders:

Scoring: White III - 15 (6-12FG 1-4 3FG)

Rebounds: White & Shields - 4

Assists: Webster & Shields - 2