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Halftime Notes: Creighton 25 - Loyola 29

Jays down 4, which is fine considering they were getting shellacked in the first 15 minutes.

This game is NOT a slam dunk
This game is NOT a slam dunk
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton traveled to Chicago to take on their Missouri Valley replacement Loyola-Chicago. It isn't going particularly well for the Bluejays as they trail 29-25. Here's some notes from the first half:

- Creighton's offense is playing very poorly.

- Loyola is putting a lot of defensive pressure on the Bluejays, clamping down with a zone defense and shutting down any threat Creighton offers to score.

- I think the Bluejays had 3 airballs in their first 6 shots. That's not ideal.

- Loyola's offense is pretty simple. Drive to the rim. If there's nothing there, kick out and shoot a three. If you can't shoot, get a guy cutting backdoor and hit him with a lob.

- Alright, so Creighton started coming back in the last 3 minutes. Previous to that it was DOOMSDAY central here.

- Khyri Thomas is really good.

- I still have no idea what the refs are calling fouls these days. Sometimes if an offensive player runs into a defensive player it becomes a defensive foul. Sometimes if an offensive player runs into a defensive player it becomes an offensive foul. It's a murky mess and they've gotta fix it.

Creighton's stat leaders:

Points: Huff - 11

Rebounds: Groselle - 6

Assists: Zierden - 2

Loyola stat leaders:

Points: Doyle - 10

Rebounds: Doyle - 6

Assists: Doyle - 3

Creighton might want to shut down Doyle. Just sayin'.