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Halftime Notes: Coppin State 36 Creighton 56

It's cold outside, but it's so warm in here.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Halftime notes, brought to you by (corporation to be named later, probably a beer company).

Look, I've seen 'The Wire' more times than you've seen your parents in the past 3 years. I know about the corruption and dishonesty at the docks, the drug trade in the projects, Proposition Joe offering up propositions, McNulty getting drunk, and most importantly, Stringer Bell getting his comeuppance. Coppin State is a historic black university in Baltimore, Maryland, so as they visit the land of delicious steaks and leave the crablands behind they're tasked with beating the Bluejays of Creighton University.

Below this text is a series of words I've strung together to create sentences - sort of like how the gang in The Wire set up wiretaps to create a legal case against major players in the drug trade in Baltimore.

- Creighton is shooting _ which is really good!

- Coppin State is not doing great on defense, their post-D is atrocious and Groselle is free to do as he pleases, including dunking the ball MULTIPLE times in the first half!

- As a The Simpsons fan, I love the fact that Coppin State has 2 players named Simpson and Seymore!

- Creighton is shooting 56% from 3 and 69% from the field (lol)

- Not a lot of turnovers for both teams, Creighton has 4 while Coppin State has 3.

- Creighton is winning the rebound battle, 22-8.

Stat Leaders:


Points - Groselle 12pts

Rebounds - Groselle 6

Assists - Zierden & Thomas tied with 4

Coppin State:

Points - Treadwell 8pts

Rebounds - Treadwell & Simpson tied with 2

Assists - Seymore