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Delaware vs. Villanova: Halftime Notes

After a slow start, the Wildcats lead the Blue Hens 47-26.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

While VIllanova started the first half slowly, they adjusted and took a 47-26 lead to the locker room over the Delaware Blue Hens at The Pavilion.

Here's everything you need to know about the first half.


  • Kory Holden leads the Blue Hens with 13 points.
  • Delaware only pulled down 10 rebounds in the first half, along with 10 turnovers.
  • Cazmon Hayes has 12 points. The only other Blue Hen with points is Maurice Jeffers, who has one.


  • Villanova's three is falling tonight. The Wildcats are 11-21 from beyond the arc.
  • Josh Hart leads with 14 points. He's 4-4 from long range.
  • Daniel Ochefu only pulled down one rebound and scored two points before picking up two early fouls.