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Creighton makes North Texas sad, wins 105-82

Let's all get some sleep or something, it's very late.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton has done well. They managed to build a pretty sizeable lead, 15 points to be exact, at the half. As the second half started, North Texas managed to put a bucket in to cut it to 13, but as North Texas's defense has been tonight, Groselle was able to put in a bucket with relative ease to push it back to 15. The fan behind me just asked, "where's the cheese, where's the mustard?" That's the way this game has played out. 29 free throws were shot in the first half by Creighton, with 17 personal fouls being called on the Mean Green. There were so many stoppages during that first frame that I had an opportunity to pen a 1500 word stream-of-consciousness written observance. Go read it if you want. It isn't great.

I remember when I first stepped foot on a farm somewhere in Nebraska. A lot of rural area kids understand the farm life and find it calming, thrilling; I grew up in the lonely suburbs, so thus I found farm life tedious. I ended up studying Horticulture for a spell in college, but found the pursuit of knowing how important a cell wall of a plant to be less than thrilling.

North Texas is the Horticulture 101 of college basketball. I heard a rumor that they actually gain their energy from photosynthesis, which explains why they were unable to get it going on this dreary, grey day in Omaha. Their offense was as bad as their defense, relying on a whole lotta luck and a tiny amount of preperation. They appeared to be very tired, with just a couple of players putting forth a decent effort.

Creighton relied heavily on their senior man Geoffrey Groselle. The seven footer put together a magnificent performance, dropping 27 points for the folks here in Omaha to enjoy. After spending 4 years being a pretty alright player, he has been nachos so far this season, being the complete opposite of a Horticulture class. Groselle can best be described as a Philosophy class with no homework, no final and the professor assigned you a seat next to a cute girl who likes to talk to you about stuff and appreciates that you listen. She ends up inviting you to a party at a friend's house where you talk some more over a pair of red solo cups. Five years later you finally get married and have beautiful children. That's Geoffrey Groselle. That's what he is to this team.

Whenever I think about stomas opening so the plant can respire I begin getting sleepy. Whenever I think about how proteins power a cell, I get sleepier. When I think about basketball I become locked into a walled room in my mind where the only way I can get out is by shooting a million hoops with Mike Jordan and James Joyce. It takes a while to get the ol' orange orb off my mind, but eventually I get that million and I'm free. I imagine this is how Khyri Thomas's mind works, where he has taught himself a great deal of discipline by locking himself within his mind to work on all the facets of the game. Although, I doubt James Joyce is in his dream world. I'd guess that it's Dennis Cooper.

I started writing this at the start of the second half, knowing that there wasn't going to be much of a fight from North Texas. Their modus operandi as the game dwindled to a close was simply - SHOOT FROM ANYWHERE, WHO CARES?! - which is fine. That's fine, really. At least they didn't just stand in the backcourt and look around exchanging pleasantries with imaginary friends. I know that's what I would've done. I would've stood there, talking to no one, with the ball in my hand. Perhaps then they would've taken me out so I could spend some time in the locker room eating snacks. Snacks are yummy, mm delish.

I'm getting tired. Here's some stats for you bums:

Geoffrey Groselle: 27 pts, 2 blocks, 2 assists

Ronnie Harrell Jr.: 14 pts, 11 rebounds, 5 assists

Creighton: 36-63 57.1% FG / 7 DUNKS!! / 39 points off the bench / 17,518 in attendance