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Creighton loses to Arizona State 79-77.

Free throw shooting woes doom the Bluejays.

There's no joy in defeat.
There's no joy in defeat.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Savon Goodman is pretty good, man.

Tonight was the first night of this young college basketball season where you could feel it. Two pretty good basketball teams going at it, with 16,282 looking on and cheering on and a college basketball season beginning to feel worn like a new pair of shoes on their third time around the track. I've been on the edge of my seat many a time in my life yet never like this. This, man, was what college basketball is all about.

The first half started relatively innocently, with the score ebbing and flowing as Creighton jumped out to a 3 point lead by the first media timeout. From then on, Zierden and Thomas locked down on the defensive side as Savon Goodman struggled to get into his groove. Creighton ended up building their lead to nine at the 6:22 mark. The Sun Devils put on a little bit of a run as the first half waned, but a 3 pointer by Zierden and four points by Khyri Thomas in the last 3 minutes allowed the Bluejays to take an eight point lead into the half.

The mundane rolls along in our daily lives. We file papers, we study numbers, we lend our minds to pay the rent and feed our families. When the mundane quits and adventure is laid at our feet we can do amazing things, we can feel the entire spectrum, we can express pure joy, and cradle depressive sorrow. The decision to become a fan of sport is an easy one; all you have to do is sit there, watch and feel. It overtakes you. It brings the best and worst out of you, but at its core it's your most honest self. You do things as a sports fan that you cannot do during the mundane.

As the second half got underway I readied my keyboard and my fingers. Here are all of my tweets from the second half, in order, to give you an idea of how everything unfolded:

Begin: the second half has started. zach hanson is pedaling on an exercise bike at the far end of the bench and there's something unsettling about it. ASU comes out hot, it's now 45-41 Creighton.

Groselle just kicked a dude in the face after a huge dunk and it was something.

Refs going to the monitor to see if Groselle's kick was flagrant. By kick, mind you, I mean Groselle dunked it, emoted and the ASU player reacted like he got kicked. No call. Play on. Groselle breaks the tie after a nice feed from Khyri. 47-45 Jays. this game is going too fast it's 50-47 now, Jays. the CenturyLink is absolutely rocking right now. Jays up 52-47. I'm trying to catch my breath. Last play sequence: Zierden hits a deep 3, gets a steal, gives to Watson who gets a layup. Cole Huff's midrange game is phenomenal.

Game is tied, 54 a piece.

bad stretch for the bluejays here. offense has lost its spark. ASU defense locking down. ASU takes a lead, 56-54. toby hegner hits a three to put the bluejays within one, only for ASU to answer with a three of their own. then mo watson goes down & gets 2.

this game is going incredibly fast.

10:30 left, Creighton down 63-59. toby hegner hits a three, creighton within 1. ok this place just came alive as geoffrey groselle gets an and-one lay in. Creighton now up 65-63 on ASU.

golly gee this is exciting.

ASU just stepped on the endline, Bluejay basketball with a 2 point lead. Hegner inbounds to Clement. wow this is insane. groselle gets a shot in after getting his own rebound. this place is sooo loud. and as loud as it got, it suddenly becomes quiet after an ASU 3. FYI: Creighton just 8 points away from sending the folks home with a free @godfatherspizza. ASU retakes the lead, 68-67. Groselle just is too... good. My oh my. Way to clear out the lane big fella! 3-second call dooms Creighton possession, Creighton holding onto a 1-point lead with 5:37 left. Cole Huff misses a trey and ASU gets the ball back.

This game is bonkers.

Then, as I write this, ASU makes a layup. up one, 70-69. Zierden called for a foul. Media timeout, ASU 70 Jays 69. Groselle has 15 points, Huff has 10 and Zierden has 11. ASU to the line shooting the one-and-boners. Makes 'em both. 3 point game. So of course Zierden makes the three. Tie game. Crowd electric. Then ASU comes back and answers with a three. Crowd silent.


Mo Watson gets the score. Jays down 1. Timeout ASU. Hegner getting the crowd going with just one hand. Foul on Hegner, attempted to draw the charge but was in the semicircle.

Misses the FT, Creighton ball.

Mo Watson gets a timeout call after slipping and falling to the floor. Alright, Creighton down one. 1:25 left. Who gets the ball?




oh my.

Fans are on their feet at the CLink. 18.9 left, ASU at the line shooting two. Creighton up by 2 points. Makes the first one. Misses the second.

Goaltending on Creighton. 1 point lead for ASU.

Holy smokes. Alright, Creighton gets a timeout. 13.8 seconds left. Bluejay ball. This is madness. Foul on Mo Watson. Harrell inbounding it.

Cole Huff gets fouled on his drive to the basket. He'll be shooting two with an opportunity to put the Jays ahead.

He misses the first.

Misses the second.

Creighton fouls ASU immediately. Now have an opportunity to go up 3. Misses the first, Creighton gets the rebound.

Cole Huff misses the 3. Creighton loses, 79-77.

Isn't college basketball fun?