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Halftime Notes: Creighton 41 Arizona State 33

From the desert came the Sun Devils, visiting the snow swept plains of Omaha to shoot some hoops against an angry flock of Bluejays.

Chill out, Bobby.
Chill out, Bobby.
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

It's pretty cold outside, but boy is it nice and toasty in a giant arena where giant people exercise vigorously for 20 minutes. I'm thankful for this, as my frail body cannot withstand the cold for too long before shutting down completely and losing all feeling in my extremities. The two teams hoopin' it up are the Arizona State Sun Devils and the Creighton Bluejays. Here's some thoughts and words about what my declining eyesight observed through the first half of the game:

- Arizona State has a lot of big, athletic players. Their offense is predicated on what appears to be isos and screens.

- Creighton is attempting to ride the recent success of Geoffrey Groselle, though it appears as if he's cooled a bit.

- Creighton's student cheering section 'the Blue Crew' are frightening, soulless individuals.

- Isaiah Zierden may be one of the Big East's best three shooters under pressure. Meanwhile, Cole Huff owns the mid-range game.

- Fouls are being called at a bizarre pace. The first four minutes there were few stoppages in play, the next four seemed crawl after ASU was called for 5 straight so-so fouls.

- Every player but Ronnie Harrell Jr has scored for the Bluejays tonight. Leading scorer: Cole Huff with 8 points.  Maurice Watson Jr. has 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

- Khyri Thomas did this, lol: