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Halftime Notes: Creighton 38 - Oklahoma 45

Bluejays playing as the underdog against the third-ranked Sooners.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton is playing a potential Final Four candidate in Norman, Oklahoma today. It was Star Wars day at the Lloyd Noble Center, which made for some fun photos and videos:

Meanwhile, the first half of a game was played. Here are some notes on the first half of action:

- Creighton started out really well, getting a 5-0 lead early on. Oklahoma followed with a 7-0 run of their own.

- It was nip-and-tuck for a little while, with Creighton succumbing to a 5-6 point deficit, then clawing their way back to get it within 2-3... for a while.

- Creighton attempts to go down low to Groselle, but the entire Sooner defense collapses on the senior 7-footer, causing him to toss up careless shots. The Sooner's length make it damn near impossible to kick out from the post.

- Oklahoma's defense is beautiful. It's constantly in motion and flowing with Creighton's offense. They know where their assignment is at all times. It has completely stymied the Bluejay attack.

- The pass to the post routine for Creighton is most certainly not their bread-and-butter. They need to penetrate and kick in transition.

- Buddy Hield is a monster. My lord is he good. On an offensive rebound he proceeded to get the ball out and spot up for an open 3.

- It was hard to give Creighton a shot in this contest. The first half proved why. The offense has an inability to revert to a solid half-court offense to score. When the transition offense is shut down, Creighton has a real tough time.

- Khyri Thomas had a pretty forgettable half both offensively and defensively. That was bound to happen at some point, right? EDIT: Oh wait he hit a 3 to put 'em within 7 right before the half! 6 points late in the half for Khyri, and I eat my words

- Alright, Creighton made this a 7 point ballgame before halftime. That's good!

Halftime Leaders


Points: Watson Jr. - 8 (4-7FG)

Rebounds: Watson Jr. - (4)

Assists: Watson Jr. - (4)


Points: Hield - 16 (7-12FG 2-4 3FG)

Rebounds: Spangler - 5

Assists: Cousins - 5