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DePaul vs Stanford: Halftime Notes

The benches have been the difference maker thus far.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

At the intermission, the DePaul Blue Demons trail the Stanford Cardinal by a score of 39-24.

  • The three point line has played a major role in tonight's game. Both teams have had at least one player knock down a three and Marcus Allen has lead the way for Stanford, converting on all three of his shots from beyond the arc. DePaul has shot 4-of-8 as a team while Stanford has hit on 7-of-11 three pointers.
  • The lack of efficiency for DePaul is the reason they're trailing. They have been able to create shots but three starters - Billy Garrett Jr, Eli Cain, Tommy Hamilton IV - have combined for 6 points on 2-12 shooting with six turnovers and only two assists. Cain has been the sparkplug lately and the Blue Devils will need him to step up in the second half.
  • DePaul held their own in the early parts of the game but missed five shots in a row at one point and sprung Stanford into a 23-10 run which allowed the Cardinal to build a quick 15 point lead.
  • The battle of the benches has been dominated by the home team. DePaul has checked in four players off the bench and they managed to score just three points on 1-5 shooting while committing 5 fouls. Meanwhile, Stanford has used 5 players off the pine and they've contributed 17 points on 5-10 shooting.
  • I mentioned the lack of efficiency for DePaul but for Stanford, it's been completely the opposite as every player who has attempted a shot has made one. DePaul has four players who have yet to make a shot since attempting one.
  • Marcus Allen of Stanford has been the standout player of the half. Allen dropped 13 points - nine of them coming from beyond the arc - as well as two rebounds and an assist. He, along with Rosco Allen (no relation, but has nine points of his own) will need to keep up the scoring to carry Stanford to the win.