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Chris Mullin to appear on Tuesday's episode of 60 Minutes Sports

In a segment titled, "Coming Home," Jim Axelrod sits down with Coach Mullin to discuss his return to St. John's.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

For now, St. John's might not be the most potent team in the Big East, but this season brings the hope of a fresh start for the long term as the Chris Mullin Era is takes shape with each passing game.  This new step for St. John's is a change of pace considering where the program was for the past few years.  While there was success in the short term, there was nothing to build on, leading to a total change to Mullin and a shift in culture as well.

The hype and news of Mullin coming back to his alma mater has attracted a significant amount of media attention, as well. On the December 1st edition of Showtime's 60 Minutes Sports, St. John's and Mullin will be among the featured stories in the hour long episode.

The title for segment will be, "Coming Home," and will be presented by Jim Axelrod as he sits down with Chris Mullin to discuss his return to St. John's and his quest to bring the Red Storm back to prominence.  Among the focal points for the segment: Can Mullin make the Red Storm a top 20 in a few years?

That will be answered in the segment, but from excerpts on the segment, Mullin brings up that it is a process and a return to the formula that worked for St. John's in the past.  He especially makes note of his former coach and mentor Lou Carnesecca, that this was the process he undertook thirty years ago when he was at the coaching helm for St. John's.

The segment and episode will appear on 60 Minutes Sports at 8 PM ET on Showtime, check local listings where available.