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Half Time Notes: Western Illinois @ Creighton

Creighton leads Western Illinois 44-31 at half.

Reach for the stars, Geoffrey.
Reach for the stars, Geoffrey.
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as if Creighton made it back from Las Vegas safely as they currently take on Western Illinois in their friendly confines of the CenturyLink Center. Here's a few notes and floating thoughts from the first half:

- Western Illinois has lived off of Creighton switching on defense, utilizing a heavy dose of screens to lure defenders to slip and protect, leaving a man wide open.

- Geoffrey Groselle has been great the past two games. He's very mobile and somehow worms his way into the trees to snag rebounds. Throughout his tenure at Creighton he's always been a bit of an anomaly; a 7-footer who has been plagued by injuries and seemed to play just a step behind. It's almost as if he's hit a gear that wasn't quite there before and is showing his true stuff.

- The NCAA made a whole lot of rule changes over the offseason to make the pace of play faster with fewer interruptions. It appears that these rule changes have done a lot of the opposite.

- James Milliken has been lauded as a premier 3-point bomber that bolsters the Creighton backcourt off the bench, yet as of late he's been slashing to the bucket and collecting rather difficult points.

- Creighton is absolutely demolishing Western Illinois on the boards, leading 28-15 - 13 of those coming off the offensive glass. The Bluejays are getting a whole lot of hustle points.

- College football is for squares.

- The 2-guard and center slots have been huge for Creighton tonight, scoring 29 of Creighton's 44 points. (Zierden, Milliken, Groselle)