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Evansville vs. Providence: Halftime Notes

Providence and Evansville are through 20 minutes at Titan Gym. Here are some notes from the first half of action.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
Team 1st Half Score Leading Scorer
Evansville 32 Balentine: 13
Providence 40 Bentil: 17
  • Ben Bentil led all scorers with 17 points on 4/9 shooting. Bentil hit the first shot of the game and carried the scoring load for the Friars. Bentil is also 7/7 from the free throw line. Providence went 12/14 from the line.
  • D.J. Balentine led Evansville with 13 points on 5/9 shooting, including 3/5 from beyond the arc.
  • The Providence offense started off slow and appeared out of sync. Evansville's offense was going early and Balentine made a pair of deep 3-pointers to start the game.
  • It was surprising to see Providence open the game in a zone defense. It didn't take long for Balentine to shoot the Friars out of it and Ed Cooley switched to man for the rest of the half.
  • Evansville dealt with foul trouble to 3 of their starters in the first half. Balentine was able to play with 2 fouls but Mockevicius sat for much of the half with his 2 fouls. Gibson was the third starter to pick up 2 first half fouls.