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Creighton vs UMass - Championship - Halftime Notes

Bluejays lead 37-29.

Pre-Thanksgiving hoops are the best!
Pre-Thanksgiving hoops are the best!
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton is currently winning a hoopball game in the 'MGM Main Event: Men Who Speak Up About Advanced Prostate Cancer Championship Game; Las Vegas, NV' against UMass. From the beginning it looked like the Bluejays were about to run away with the game, jumping out to a 16-8 lead in the first five minutes. Maurice Watson looked absolutely phenomenal and was pushing the tempo dramatically. UMass couldn't answer, missing their first six threes and failing to adjust to Creighton's speed. Eventually the pace began to get stale, as the scoring slowed and the whistle blew.

- I didn't see the Clemson-UMass game, but the Minutemen look completely out of rhythm.

- Maurice Watson is really good.

- Geoffrey Groselle is playing like a man possessed on defense. He's also got 10 points in one half and has 8 rebounds. I smell a double-double approaching. I have hit the 'double-double' alarm.

- OK Khryi Thomas is really good, but he's got to limit his foul trouble.

- Happy Birthday Greg McDermott! You did it!

- Cole Huff is also carrying on the momentum he built on Monday night. He's got 10 points and 3 treys.

- Creighton is shooting 57% (8-14) from the free throw line. If those are made, this is a completely different game and we'd see Marlon Stewart by the 15 minute mark.

Enjoy the second half!