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Marquette vs. Arizona State, 2015 Legends Classic: Halftime Notes

Here's what's gone down in Brooklyn.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

~ MU and ASU are done tangling after the first 20 minutes and it's the Sun Devils who are on top by the score of 36-33. Arizona State is led by the efforts of Obinna Oieka, who has seven points, five rebounds, two blocks and an assist off the bench.

~ Leading in points at the half for the Sun Devils is guard Kodi Justice with nine. Wille Atwood has six, and Tra Holder has eight.

~ Marquette is being plagued by a bad 3-point shooting night at the office. The Golden Eagles are 1-for-6 from the perimeter, though their counterpart hasn't fared much better: 37.5 percent for ASU after the first half.

~ Leading in points for MU at the half is Luke Fischer with 12. Next highest is Duane Wilson with eight points, and Haanif Cheatham has six.

~ Both ASU and MU are tied at 19 apiece in the rebounding department, both intriguingly enough with four offensive and 15 defensive boards.

~ Both teams are tied in the turnover department as well as each has six.