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Northern Kentucky vs. Xavier recap: Musketeers cruise to victory over Norse

Trevon Bluiett's double-double propelled X to the victory.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was a great day for Chris Mack and the Xavier Musketeers.

The afternoon brought the news that they were ranked in the AP Top 25 for the first time this season, while the evening brought a win over the Northern Kentucky Norse, 78-66, to improve to 4-0 on the season.

Trevon Bluiett led the Musketeers to the victory with his second career double-double, as he scored 14 points and hauled in a career high 16 rebounds.

Tyler White led the Norse with 25 points.

Here are three things we learned from this game.

Xavier is well-balanced offensively

We knew that already, but it still rings true.

In all four games this season, at least four Musketeers have reached double figures in scoring.

Monday night it was Bluiett with 14, James Farr with 13, Myles Davis with 12, Jalen Reynolds with 11, and Remy Abell and Edmond Sumner with 10.

It's incredibly tough to beat a team with multiple scoring threats. Even more so when you have six guys that can score the ball efficiently and effectively.

Last season, Xavier had five players average at least nine points per game. They look to be well on their way to replicating that this year.

Xavier is tough to beat at home

Another thing we already knew, but it's always nice when our knowledge gets confirmed.

The Musketeers have lost just six nonconference home games since Chris Mack became the head coach. They're nearly impossible to beat at CINTAS Center.

Usually, they have a large crowd behind them, and that explains the advantage. Tonight, however, the crowd was less boisterous than usual, likely due to the fact that it's Thanksgiving week.

Regardless, Xavier took care of business against a team they clearly are better than coming off a big road win. Sometimes you can get caught up in the moments and sleepwalk through a game like that.

X didn't do that, which speaks volumes about Chris Mack and the coaching staff, as much as it does about the players.

Looking Ahead

Xavier will make their way to sunny Orlando, Florida for the Advocare Invitational.

Their first matchup will be Thursday afternoon (Thanksgiving Day), against Avery Johnson's Alabama Crimson Tide.

The Tide came to Cincinnati last season, and Xavier was able to dispose of them relatively easily.

If that is the case again on Thursday, a semi-final matchup looms with the winner of the Wichita State/USC contest. If Xavier falls to Alabama, they'll face the loser if that Wichita/USC contest.