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Big East Coast Bias is looking for new writers

Come join us for the season!

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My name's Christopher Novak, the manager for Big East Coast Bias, SB Nation's Big East basketball blog and your source for everything about your favorite basketball conference and mine.

Big East Coast Bias has been growing a ton and as the year 2015 continues to roll on and we march towards 2016, we're looking to keep up that trend and make this the best possible place to write, read, and enjoy for community members and for our staff.

So with that said, we want you to help join our team.

What type of people are you looking for to join Big East Coast Bias?

That's a great question.

We're looking for writers to assist us in coverage of games and the teams of the Big East Conference. Responsibilities of those writers are listed below.

What does joining Big East Coast Bias entail?

Another good question.

Here are some of the responsibilities you may come across.

Writer responsibilities

  • Developing viewing guides for games
  • Composing game previews
  • Gathering halftime notes for games
  • Generating recaps and in-depth analysis pieces for postgame reports
  • Scribing interesting feature articles, focusing on players, coaches, the conference itself, etc.
  • Putting up weekly awards/poll rankings posts
  • Helping and assisting with shortform/social media work
Right now, the DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette and Xavier teams could use help. But you aren't excluded from this if you're not a fan or not interested in writing for those teams, either. Furthermore, you might be asked to write about teams that aren't DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette and Xavier.

So really, I'm looking for writers who have a strong, genuine passion for college basketball and are not afraid to possibly step out of their comfort zone and assist in game day coverage. We have a lot of arms here but since we're making this post, we can admit that we're in need of some more.

Plus, recruiting is something that I want to have emphasized around here as well, too. If that's something you're interested in writing about, please feel free to let me know. We could definitely use you here, too.

Also, it has to be said that this position is unpaid. Also, you may be granted access to collegiate events but it's not necessarily a guarantee. Tele-covering events isn't all that much different from getting access at games. But of course, as with anything, it can be discussed at a later time.

How do I apply?

Easy question. Send along an email to Feel free to send along some writing samples if you have them. If you don't have any, that's fine. But you might be asked to compose some, so just be prepared.

One last thing...

I want to make sure that everyone here is valued, no matter what they're doing. The writers will be valued, and those that do the dirty work on social media to help us gain traction and help us grow will be valued, too. The sky's the limit for us here at Big East Coast Bias and we have very high aspirations here, and we hope you do too.