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The Bluejays lose by lots of points to Indiana

The score was Indiana 86 - Creighton 65.

Alright, fine, yeah sure.
Alright, fine, yeah sure.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I mean, alright. That's ok.

Basketball is the sport of giants. It's played and dominated by men that are much bigger, much faster than you and I could ever dream. I used to daydream in class in the 6th grade about one day being to dunk a basketball. I was just a small tyke, about 4'10 with a slighted frame, but damnit I dreamed of dunking someday.

Years later I'd grow. I'd grow to be an adult male, standing at a firm 5'8 and change, and yet my dream of dunking is no closer now than it was so long ago. Sometimes hoop dreams just cannot be realized, sometimes goals you set for youself are just a bit out of your reach. Sometimes you're just not big enough, sometimes you're just not strong enough. Yet here's the weird thing: I still dream about dunking someday. I've still got my hoop dreams and they burn just as strong as they did back then.

Creighton basketball and I have that in common. As with every basketball game, both teams believe they can win from the opening tip. Yet when your opponent has the same exact gameplan, the same exact offensive style, and the exact same emphasis on scoring points in transition but are aided by players who are bigger, faster, and stronger than you it becomes difficult to win. It's like looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing a much more handsome person in the reflection. It looks so similar but just better.

All-in-all we saw Maurice Watson Jr score a bunch of points. We saw Geoffrey Groselle spoil someone's day on a tremendous block. We saw Khyri Thomas get a steal and a dunk. You've just gotta take the lumps and move on.

Hats off to the Indiana basketball team. What a phenomenal team that's so much fun to watch. College basketball is always more fun when Indiana is good, so perhaps this is a good sign or something.