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Rutgers vs. St. John's, 2015 Gavitt Games: Halftime Notes

Here's the recap of the first half.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

~ Rutgers perhaps surprisingly holds a 33-26 edge over the St. John's Red Storm at the end of the first half. Much of that is attributed to the play of Bishop Daniels. Daniels has a game-high 14 points at the end of the first half and has four rebounds and two assists to go along with it.

~ Joining Daniels on the scoreboard are D.J. Foreman, Mike Williams, Deshawn Freeman and Corey Sanders who have nine, five, three, and two points respectively.

~ For St. John's, it's been ab it of a struggle as they have only gotten 26 points in the first half. Much of their scoring production has come from Federico Mussini and Yankuba Sima who each have eight points thus far. Ron Mvouika has six points and four rebounds, while Felix Balamou has two points, six rebounds and three assists at the end of the first half. Durand Johnson has two points off the bench along with two rebounds.

~ St. John's is shooting just 28.1 percent from the floor while RU has a total of 44.1 percent of attempts made thus far. St. John's, though, is winning in the free throw department, hoisting up an average of 80.0 percent on five attempts. They are winning in the rebounding department also but have committed nine turnovers to Rutgers' seven.