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Haltime notes: Creighton 32 - Indiana 51

Remember the Oklahoma game last year? Just... just do the same thing.

This would've never happened if old Billy was around.
This would've never happened if old Billy was around.
Rob Carr/Getty Images

From the get go of this matchup we're treated with the anti-shot clock narrative. Lets see how the first half played out:

- Both teams playing very, very fast.

- Yogi Ferrell and Blackmon are very, very good. Very precise when it comes to finding an open man.

- Creighton defense has almost no time to set, forcing them to play from behind on almost every possession.

- Khyri Thomas is incredibly good, but still a freshman and has made a few glaring mistakes.

- Indiana is pretty good. Huge run halfway through the game to put 'em up by 16 completely swinging the momentum.

- Yogi Ferrell is really good. He's also very good at drawing offensive fouls.

- Creighton implemented the zone defense once Indiana slowed the ball down. It sort of worked, but Indiana cannot miss. McDermott could throw any defense out there, including tossing in a 6th, 7th or 8th guy, and the Hoosiers would still find a way to score on it.

- If Creighton expects to make this competitive they'll need to get James Milliken and Isaiah Zierden going. Khyri Thomas needs to stay out of foul trouble as he's a catalyst on defense. Also, perhaps less Clement at the point.

* - Creighton shot 38% from the free throw line, going 3-8. That's as unclutch as it gets.

* - Creighton shot 33% from deep, yet shot 50% from the field. We've eclipsed the weirdest timeline.

Enjoy the second half or something, whatever.