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Creighton obliterates Texas Southern 93-70

The Tigers were put down in front of a crowd of about 16,000.

See?! Look how good we are!
See?! Look how good we are!
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton is now 1-0 on the year.

The first half consisted of a few telling signs of where this Creighton team could potentially go. They shot and made threes at an impressive clip, had a few emphatic dunks, and shut down the opposition's offense with an impenetrable zone defense. Try as they might, the Tigers could not manage dribble drives to the hoop which stifled their offensive gameplan and left them scrambling to produce offense from the deep recesses of their basketball knowledge. Unfortunately for the Tiger hoopsquad they just couldn't figure it out in time as Creighton proceeded to pour in buckets seemingly at will. Khyri Thomas led all scorers in the 1st half with 12 points while Geoffrey Groselle managed a team high 5 rebounds. The team shot 54% from the field and 36% from 3. It was 46-30 Bluejays at the half.

Then the second half started. The Bluejays slammed on the gas pedal from the get go. The Bluejay lead increased from 16 to 29 by the 13 minute mark, with Khyri Thomas and Isaiah Zierden being the catalysts for the run. It began with a mid-range jumper by Cole Huff, followed by a dunk by Geoffrey Groselle, had a 3 by Zierden tossed in there and reached its peak with a Khyri Thomas dunk - and then another but this was a putback off of a missed 3 by Zierden, flying in seemingly out of nowhere. A Malik Albert dunk with 5 minutes remaining put the Bluejays up by 33 points - a lead that Texas Southern would eventually dent and drop by 10 - and at that point the game was seemingly over.

Khyri Thomas was the leading scorer for the Bluejays, scoring 18 going 8-11 from the field and amassing 2 steals and 3 rebounds. He showed off his athletic ability a few times, throwing down some delicious dunks. After the game, when asked about the discomfort that was visibly evident while taking his three point shot, Khyri said, "I don't know if this is a good idea." The shot went in. Another big game came from the Slovenian Assassin - Martin Krampelj. Krampelj went 1-3 from three, 5-10 from the field and collected 8 total rebounds.

Overall, the Bluejays shot 53% from the field, 36% from three, finished with 22 assists and just 10 turnovers, collected 39 total rebounds and was picked Texas Southern's pocket 8 times. Cole Huff, Mo Watson, Khyri Thomas, and James Milliken all played 24+ minutes and were responsible for 48 points. In transition, where they gave the Texas Southern absolute fits, the Jays were able to score 30 points. Creighton also managed to score 48 points in the paint, which I believed to be unlikely considering Texas Southern's size. When the Jays took the lead with 14:39 left in the first half they never, ever looked back.

Here's some highlights from the evening: h/t to Creighton's men's basketball twitter account.