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Texas Southern @ Creighton: Notes at the half

Creighton has a pretty solid lead on Texas Southern, setting the pace with a high speed offense.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton 46 - Texas Southern 30

The Bluejays controlled the tempo from the very start of the half, moving the ball seemingly at will on offense while Texas Southern struggled against the stingy zone defense. It was a beautiful half of basketball for the Bluejays as their up tempo offense essentially destroyed the morale of the Tiger defense.

Khyri Thomas is really good.

The Bluejays shot 54% from the field in the first half, 38% from three. They sank all of their free throws and kept the offense humming with key buckets from the Slovenian Assassin, Khyri Thomas, Mo Watson, Groselle and Zierden. Leading the pack was Khyri Thomas, pouring in 12 points on 5-7 shooting including a couple of treys. The Slovenian Assassin managed to collect 6 points, 4 of which came on a couple of slamma jammas.

Khyri Thomas is really good.

The Bluejay defense kept the Texas Southern offense at bay for the extent of the half, forcing 8 turnovers and limiting them to just 6 assists. I had no idea that the Bluejays could play the zone so well, especially considering how potent of a poison it was against them in years prior. I suppose Coach McDermott finally decided, "If you can't beat the zone, might as well play it." The Bluejays held a +3 rebounding margin, winning the battle of the boards 18-15.

Khyri Thomas is really good.

The leading scorer for Texas Southern was Tyree Bynum and Malcolm Riley, both with 6 total points. David Blanks, who I mentioned in my pregame article, had 2 turnovers to go along with his 2 assists. The Tiger defense managed to force two turnovers from the hands of Zach Hanson, who I've previously stated as having hands of stone.

Khyri Thomas is really good.

Here's some highlights via twitter!