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Justin Patton will redshirt at Creighton

Sometimes it's better to take a year off and find yourself.

The redshirts are over here, Justin!
The redshirts are over here, Justin!
Elsa/Getty Images

Greg McDermott announced that Justin Patton would redshirt during the 2015-2016 basketball season.

Patton tweeted shortly thereafter, letting the Bluejay faithful know that he's excited to work hard during his year off with the coaching staff.

I speculate that this decision probably came after looking at Patton and thinking, "Man, you could be phenomenal if we got you into our weight training program and let you bulk up a bit." Patton, who claims Omaha as his home and was a graduate of Omaha Central High School, was a highly touted recruit that Greg McDermott scooped up early on in Patton's senior year of high school. The 6'10 215lb C/PF definitely could've used some more time gaining some sweet, sweet muscle mass, which he'll have plenty of time for now. Here's a profile I did on Patton back in September!