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Big East Coast Bias Twitter Mailbag #8 - Eight is (not) Enough

It's time for this week's mailbag!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome! This is the EIGHTH installment of our weekly Twitter mailbag!

Here's a consistent weekly thing where we take YOUR questions on Twitter on a week-to-week basis.

So, let's get cracking, shall we?

Robert O'Neill: See, this is a shame. My answer actually was bacon jalapeno before that kid from UConn had to go ruin it for all of us. I guess i'll just go with a standard homemade kind. Sharp cheddar. Breadcrumbs on top. Nothing fancy.

Christopher Novak: The mac and cheese I'd typically find at a BBQ restaurant. For whatever reason, I hardly ever have bad mac and cheese at BBQ restaurants.

Robert O'Neill: I really don't see why not. I think Ellenson alone makes them a top 10 4/5 combo going into the season. That's something you can very easily build upon.

Christopher Novak: Truly no reason it can't be. They should be able to play off of each other's strengths and there's all sorts of potential between these two big men. They'll be a force, no doubt about it.

Robert O'Neill: A huge role. Just like last season with LJ Peak and Paul White and Tre Campbell and Isaac Copeland all contributing, Jessie Govan and Marcus Derrickson will as well. I think one of those two will be starting on opening night, and one will be the sixth man. It's a nice problem to have for the Hoyas: Too many good young players. Villanova has a similar problem.

Christopher Novak: Fully expect JT3 to throw Govan, Derrickson and Kaleb Johnson into the fires just as he did with the freshmen a season ago. As my colleague says, they just have too many good young players and it's hard not to envision success for them.