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Marquette moving student section closer to court

Marquette's making a few changes to student seating at the Al McGuire Center.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If you're attending a Marquette game at the Al McGuire Center this season, you'll likely notice some subtle seating changes.

For starters, the Marquette Fanatics will be closer to the court than ever before. Here's what Deputy AD Brian Hardin told Marquette Wire's Dan Reiner.

"In the past, we've always had the two sections where the band is in one and the students are in another," Hardin said. "We're going to keep that the way it is, but we're going to now have two or three rows of students that will be right off the edge of the floor (in front of them)."

Reiner goes on to note that Marquette will add about 30 seats to the section, and also add 30 "premium floor seats" along the baseline, on sale to the public.

Marquette is still going through the process of naming the student section. Hardin added the following:

"Do we honor our past somehow? Do we recognize our present? Is it something that is Marquette or Golden Eagle related? It'll probably end up going in one of those directions."