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The Fast Break (October 6, 2015): Transition Tuesday!

Let's get a move on!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Sandy Cohen Chronicles: "The Rager" - Anonymous Eagle

Makes sense, right? Ok, hit it, Phantom Planet!

Why do we... hate Thanksgiving? - Banners on the Parkway

There's food, family, and all sorts of fun to have, so why would anyone hate Thanksgiving? Holiday tournaments, that's why.

Recruiting Update: Meet Kobie Eubanks - Casual Hoya

Well, this is certainly interesting.

Jay Wright wants you to help send inner-city youth to a Villanova game - VU Hoops

Jay has sent out his annual appeal to Villanova supporters for the basketball program's Community Outreach Initiative.

Here's why it will suck when your team loses in the postseason - SB Nation

There are ten teams in the 2015 MLB Postseason. Nine of them will go home wondering what went wrong. Here's why it will feel really, really bad.

This is the Clippers' best and last shot to win the NBA title - SB Nation

Doc Rivers fortified the Clippers roster for another run at a title, but they have to produce now. There is no more time for missed opportunities.

James Harden is still angry he didn't win MVP last year - SB Nation

The MVP runner-up believes he should've won the award over Stephen Curry.

Landon Donovan says any other team in the world would fire Jurgen Klinsmann. Is he right? - SB Nation

The USMNT legend thinks the Mexico playoff should decide Klinsmann's fate. It won't, but let's indulge him.