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Butler Blue vs. Georgetown Jack: Who had the better Halloween costume(s)?

The most important thing you'll read all day.


Today is Halloween. If you're reading this, you likely aren't out trick-or-treating or otherwise being a degenerate in your community, so let's take a look at the pressing issue of the day.

It's no secret that we here at BECB love Butler Blue and Georgetown Jack. I met Blue this past May and I've since added it to my resume, and every time there's a new video of Jack skateboarding, I drop everything I'm doing to watch.

Coming into today, I knew the Big East's two top dogs (get it?) wouldn't disappoint us with their costume choices. Frankly, it was a welcome sight on Twitter as opposed to Facebook where all you saw today were dozens of photos of your friends' toddlers dressed like lions.

Both Blue and Jack blessed us with multiple costumes today. Let's take a look.

Butler Blue

Pros: Nine different costumes!

Cons: Butler had an exhibition game against Taylor today. Would Blue had gone through all that trouble and costume changes had it been an off day?

Georgetown Jack

Pros: Notice a theme? Every costume pictured here has something to do with "Jack"

Cons: These pictures came throughout the week, as opposed to just today, which is Halloween.