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The Fast Break (October 22, 2015): Marquette lacrosse, Creighton, and more!

It's time for another edition of The Fast Break!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

And Now, The 2016 Marquette Women's Lacrosse Schedule - Anonymous Eagle

Our pal Brewtown Andy does a great job breaking down the schedule for the Golden Eagles' lacrosse team.

2015-16 Creighton Women's Basketball Media Guide - Creighton Athletics

This is a helpful resource. Check it out.

2015 Hoops Mania Visitor List - VU Hoops

Villanova's going all out, hosting prospects from the next four recruiting classes at their Hoops Mania event Friday night.

The Cubs will be right back, unless they won't - SB Nation

Grant Brisbee, the best baseball writer on the planet, gives a point/counterpoint look at the future of the Chicago Cubs.

The Ellenson Boys of Rice Lake - WTMJ Milwaukee

WTMJ AM in Milwaukee takes a great look at Henry and Wally Ellenson, both of whom play for Marquette.