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Big East Coast Bias Twitter Mailbag #7 - Lucky Number...

It's time for this week's mailbag!

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Welcome! This is the SEVENTH installment of our weekly Twitter mailbag!

Here's a consistent weekly thing where we take YOUR questions on Twitter on a week-to-week basis.

So, let's get cracking, shall we?

Christopher Novak: I think it's going to be a little bit tough sledding for Butler. While they certainly are talented, they could run into some trouble if they happen to face the Utes. Jakob Poeltl is a stud and could very well be a lottery pick in next year's NBA Draft and head coach Larry Krystkowiak has done some incredible things in Salt Lake City. Given how the bracket shakes out though it would appear that the Utes would meet the 'Dawgs in the final should they make it there, meaning they're likely the only thing that stands in BU's way of winning a Turkey Week tournament. We'll see what happens, but I give Butler a good shot to get off the schneid.

Robert O'Neill: They certainly have a better chance than last season. The Battle 4 Atlantis field was loaded last year and the Bulldogs surprised some (excluding myself) with their third place finish. I agree with Chris that Utah is their toughest challenge, though.

Christopher Novak: We'll have more about this this coming Monday in our rankings post of point guards, but I suspect Lewis will transition nicely. It certainly helps to have talented players like Kellen Dunham in the backcourt and Roosevelt Jones up front. I suspect that Lewis will be a top-rated point guard in the conference by season's end and be pivotal to the Bulldogs' successes.

Robert O'Neill: To be honest with you, it's a tough call. I think Lewis will do a great job replacing Alex Barlow, as ESPN's Fran Fraschilla said yesterday when he visited Butler. Like Barlow, it will be tough for the common fan to get a read on just how good Lewis is, because he isn't the first scoring option. Or the second. Or the third. So the points per game will be low. I think he can get steals and assists and other hustle stats like Barlow, though.

Christopher Novak: Haha, as we've explained in a few mailbags, expanding would be pretty neat. But I don't think it should happen right this second or in a year or two. Maybe at some point down the line they can recruit the likes of Dayton and VCU, for instance, and maybe Saint Louis. For now, they're good as they are.

Robert O'Neill: I think if expansion ever does happen it has to be Dayton and Saint Louis, but I love the double round robin format just fine.

Christopher Novak: This is honestly pretty tough and I've had discussions with Rob about this since the news broke. While it would certainly be ideal, I can't say it wouldn't shock me if that show was in it for the long haul. They seem adamant about making Cowherd a prime feature on their network and with Jamie Horowitz running the show at FOX Sports that should come as no surprise. I'd enjoy seeing a preshow with the likes of Burkhardt, Stone, and Steve Lavin, but there's a lot of uncertainty right now.

Robert O'Neill: I was manning the BECB Twitter when the news about America's Pregame broke, and I immediately suggested something similar. If you were to take the Inside the Big East crew (Stone, Burkhardt, Bell) and add Steve Lavin and maybe one more analyst, I feel like that would be a fantastic pregame show.

Christopher Novak: That's a good question. Certainly the likes of Georgetown and Butler could be built for good runs in The Big Dance with their pedigrees and good recruiting classes. Speaking of which, I think Marquette could be poised for something special. Wojciechowski has something brewing up there in Milwaukee (pun so very much intended)

Robert O'Neill: You all may claim recency bias with this answer, but I'm going to go with St. John's. If Chris Mullin & staff can continue keeping NYC players in NYC to play for the Red Storm, the sky's the limit.

Christopher Novak: Oooooh... this is tough. Gonna go with... the Knicks.

Robert O'Neill: Give me the Knicks. I really don't think they're going to be that bad this season. They'll be able to compete for the 8-seed in the horrendous East.

Christopher Novak: In no particular order: Ellenson, Brunson, Govan, Derrickson, and Traci Carter

Robert O'Neill: I'll sub out Traci Carter in favor of Justin Patton in the interest of being different. It's very hard to just pick five, though.

Christopher Novak: Jalen Brunson.

Robert O'Neill: Brunson.