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The Fast Break (October 1, 2015): Welcome to October!

It's the first of the month!

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Phillips ready to contribute with athleticism, blue-collar mentality -

There are times when a bit of football mentality creeps into Develle Phillips' game on the basketball court---a hard-nosed edge that served him well in his days tearing it up with a helmet and shoulder pads.

What will Butler basketball look like this season? IndyStar

A year ago, there was a great deal on uncertainty surrounding the Butler men's basketball team with Chris Holtmann taking over for Brandon Miller just prior to the start of the season.

Q&A with Seton Hall hoops coach Kevin Willard - Asbury Park Press

The sixth-year skipper talks about his personnel, playing-style changes and team chemistry.

The 2015-16 NHL preview - SB Nation NHL

The fine folks in the NHL department wrote an AWESOME NHL preview. Check it out.

Breaking Madden: RGIII burns down Washington - SB Nation

One of the most exciting quarterbacks of the decade is a third-string quarterback on America's worst sports franchise. They don't deserve to be happy. In this episode, Robert Griffin III plays defensive end for all 16 of Washington's opponents. This is the quest for 0-16.

Why were everyone's American League predictions so horrible? - SB Nation MLB

I made dumb predictions about the Astros, Rangers, Twins and Royals, but at least I wasn't alone. Let's explore what went wrong.

Alabama's the underdog at Georgia, but should probably be the favorite - SB Nation CFB

If Nick Chubb and the Bulldogs knock the Tide out of the Playoff race, it'll still feel like an upset, won't it?