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'Like' Big East Coast Bias on Facebook!

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As 2015 gets underway, we here at Big East Coast Bias welcome any and all new readers to the site. We're growing at a fast clip and with conference season underway, coverage and commentary on everything Big East is only going to get bigger and better as time wears on. Remember, we're just two short months away before the Big East takes over New York City and invades Madison Square Garden for the historic Big East Tournament. And trust us, if this conference has proven anything in the past, it's that this is the most exciting time of the college basketball season.

In order for you to get the most out of your Big East experience, we want YOU, yes YOU, to like us on Facebook if you haven't already. We have just 211 likes right now, but we know we're capable of much more than that. And we know that you like Big East Coast Bias -- perhaps even love it, which we understand. It's hard not to love anything related to the Big East. So we're here to endorse you liking us on different platforms.

So, with that said, with BECB on its way up to the mountaintop, just like the conference itself once was at one time, and almost assuredly will be someday again in the near future, take the next step in getting the most out of Big East Coast Bias by clicking the link below and liking us on Facebook.

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Thanks in advance for continuously checking out this site and its various social media platforms. You, the community, are helping make this what we believe to be the best source for Big East news and commentary out there.