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Providence vs. Butler: Halftime Notes

The Bulldogs lead a back and forth 36-29 at the half in Indianapolis.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports


  • Leading scorer: Kellen Dunham (Who else?): 13 points, 5-9 shooting. When he's hot, the offense is hot.
  • KAM WOODS DOUBLE-DOUBLE WATCH: seven rebounds, two points. About where he generally is at this juncture of the game.
  • Speaking of rebounds, Butler has 20 of them as opposed to Providence's 12. Butler has 10 on each side of the ball, which is cool. Symmetry and stuff.
  • Alex Barlow has three steals and nine points. Solid half for him


  • Leading scorer(s): Ladontae Henton and Carson Desrosiers: seven points each
  • The Friars are 2-6 from the free throw line. Gotta make your gimmes.
  • Providence led by as much as seven in the first half, they now trail by seven.